De Vanna was paired Parramatta Eels captain Tim Mannah and was pitted against Brazill and Melbourne CityÔÇÖs defender Scott Jamieson.

The teams were tied together in the first challenge which saw both athletes in the pair blindfolded in the first section of the SAS-inspired obstacle course in round one. 

"Me personally, going through the trenches blindfolded, I've overcome my fears," De Vanna said.

While De Vanna and Mannah started off slowly compared to Brazill and Jamieson, they were able to catch up to take the first round.

The second round got physically tougher as De Vanna said it was the toughest thing she had ever done in her life. 

Brazill and Jamieson came out on top so the last round would be the decider.

"Even just getting through the tunnels, you don't know whats on the other end," Brazill said.

"I felt like the bag got a bit heavier," she said.

It came down to the final challenge, with De Vanna and Mannah soaring through the course to take it out.