The 29-year-old threw a Games record of 68.26m on her fourth throw and no one else looked close. 

"My coach said: 'you haven't hit one yet so just open up and go for it'," she said.

"It was great to get such a good throw out.

"The Games record was definitely on my mind,  I wanted to snag that one," Stevens added.

Stevens had been leading the event since her first throw, with the silver medalist Seema Punia only making it to 60.41m compared to Stevens first throw of 61.39m. 

"That was my second-best throw ever, so it's really nice to have a few world-class throws to back that up."

Stevens is already planning on heading to Tokyo in two years time, which will be her fourth Olympics, and says she is ready to go.

"I am still fairly motivated and my body is in one piece, and I am throwing my best throws," Stevens said.

"I am definitely looking forward to Tokoyo 2020, ready to kick some butt," she added.