Our match of the week

The long-awaited clash of the two unbeaten teams of the league didn’t fail to entertain the spectators at Freo oval. After a nail-biting four quarters, it was the Dockers that emerged victorious over the Lions, cementing themselves as the firm favourites for the Premiership cup in 2020.


Our goal of the Week

It’s hard not to obsess over an up-and-coming talent as persistent as Caitlin Greiser. She didn’t disappoint this week with a goal that shows her fantastic instincts for the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to secure the Saints another win, but that doesn’t detract from her performance.


Our Mark of the Week

Chloe Molloy was an absolute gun for the Pies this week and was an instrumental part of their win over the Dogs. Not only did she score three of their majors, she also took this inexplicable mark while entangled on the ground.