Re-signed- Jo Harten, Caitlin Basset, Amy Parmenter, Jaime-Lee Price, Kristiana Manu’a, Sam Poolman, Matilda McDonell, Teigan O’Shannassy.

In- Madeline Hay (Giants training partner)

Out- Kim Green (retirement)

What happened last season

It was a close finals battle between the Giants and the Magpies for that fourth spot in the finals, but unfortunately, the Magpies just pipped the Giants at the post.

The Giants took a few games to find their form, with new combinations forming. Aussie Diamonds captain Caitlin Basset made her Giants debut in Round 1.

The Giants notched up their first win in Round 3 against the Magpies. The Giants had seven wins for the season, with percentage being the deciding factor that led them to miss out on their first finals series since their inception in 2017.

Talking to Giants young gun Amy Parmenter:

"I think last season we just peaked at the wrong time. I think having this longer preseason is probably worked in our favour we've had so much more time to train and play together….. compared to how preseason last year where we barely had a full training session together because of all the international stuff going on."

Talking to Parmenter on her favourite moments from last season she said:

“We came out of the break the World Cup break last year….. just having all the girls back and being so excited to play together and playing really well. But, you know, last season feels like years ago now. I'm just excited to move on and get stuck into this season."

What to look forward to in 2020

After just missing the finals last year by a few bonus points the Giants are out and ready to take on 2020, with Kim Green retiring, you can expect to see some fresh faces ready to take on the competition and make their mark on the competition.

“We've really got a had time to work on our bond as a team and that's, I think, what we were lacking a bit last year so I think this year is going to be about connections for us and really bringing everything from the last few years together.”

“I think fans can expect a bit more of a consolidated front and I think we're going to come out a bit more fitter stronger and ready to roll.

"I think having this time off is really made us all, so grateful to be able to play netball and I think we sort of took it for granted but it was a little bit of a process last year, this year it's something that we're really excited about.

"We're excited to be a training and there's just really good vibe so I think we're feeling a lot more bonded and everyone's so happy to be there so it should be really exciting and good vibes."

Three influential players

Jo Harten: One of the queens of the long shot, it’s her first season as captain of the giants after inaugural captain Kim Green’s retirement.

She is a very versatile shooter, being able to confidently play both shooting positions on court, as well as being just as dangerous from any spot inside that goal circle, because of her long-range ability.

Jaime Lee Price: A Rising star in Suncorp Super Netball, she has a very good read on the play to be able to get those intercepts, she plays a very smart game, knowing when to step back and allow the other players to lead for the ball, and when she needs to be the next pass.

Amy Parmenter: It’s a scary thought that it was Amy Parmenter’s first season in Suncorp Super Netball.

Her read on the ball is exceptional to get those intercepts. Parmenter is not afraid to put her body on the line to get the turnover for her team. To think that this is only her second season in the competition is a scary thought as she is only going to get better from here.

One player to watch

Kiera Austin is definitely one to watch, being able to play across all attacking positions, she is a very talented and versicle player, she can provide support as that third shooter or she can help fill the WA role that was left by Kim Green. 

The competition better look out because we don’t think they are ready for what Austin can bring

“I actually don't think the world has seen what Kiera Austin can do when she gets her confidence up and gets some proper court time," Parmenter continued.

"She's an absolute freak, and I'm really excited to see her get some consistent quarters because she has so much more to show and to prove and it's really exciting that she's hopefully going to get more of a run.”