Even prior to the announcement of Melbourne City as a W-League club, head coach Joe Montemurro was busy assembling a squad that would take the W-League by storm.

With a host of records and the premiership behind them, Montemurro is looking to cap off a stellar season with only the second W-League double on their home soil.

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Thoughts on late season form and the Brisbane Roar semi final

I don't think our form is slipping. Finals is a different mindset. It's all or nothing.

I think there were a little bit of nerves getting into the game and finding our rhythm and finding the back of the net but all credit to Brisbane. They came out with a game plan and made it difficult for us, wore us down and we had to do it the hard way.

Was the semi final a needed wake up call?

Oh look, the team is always in a fantastic mindset. Every approach, every game has been approached in the same methodical way.

Is it the near slip? I suppose you could say that but we are more than comfortable that we still controlled the game and just needed to put away the chances which we hope we will do tomorrow.

On Jess Fishlock's fitness

You will find out at 2pm tomorrow. We are still undecided and that's the truth.

[Jess has done] just a little bit of rehab. She has been on the park on Thursday and she was on the park again this morning [Saturday]. She is slowly rehabbing but we are going to leave it right till the end to make a decision.

On Sydney FC and their last meeting

I remember looking at the squads at the start of the year and said Sydney's squad is very, very impressive. They have match winners, they have game changers and these occasions usually bring out the game changers.

They are a very, very good squad and they have got better and better as the year has gone on. There are some things we need to look out for but I think we need to be more worried about ourselves and what we can control as opposed to worrying about the other team.

Any extra pressure to win the grand final after a dominant season?

We sign up for it when we sign up for the W-League and A-League. Grand finals are part of it, finals is part of it. The Australian public want to see it, the Australian media want to see it. Yeah it does add a bit of excitement.

We are approaching it in a very simple way. We want to control the game, we want to control the situation. What's happened in the past has happened. We can't control that anymore but we can control tomorrow's game.