Jess Fishlock with good friend Caitlin Friend | Credit: Emily Mogic / Jess Fishlock with good friend Caitlin Friend | Credit: Emily Mogic /

Jessica Fishlock's second season with the Melbourne Victory, the Welsh star has settled easily into the Melbourne lifestyle.

In Part two she opens up a little about her time off the pitch and what it means to have a close relationships on and off the pitch.

How do you normally prepare for a game?

The day of the game I literally sleep in as much as I can. I have a good breakfast, a good brunch, a good pre match which is usually poached eggs on toast and mushrooms because I love mushrooms and if I’m being naughty maybe a slice of bacon and then I put my music on.

I actually eat a lot 4-5 hours before a game. I will have, nutritionist is going to kill me, I have a coffee, chocolate and a Red Bull.

What do you do in quiet time if there is such a thing?

I am just a very simple person. I like to read. Listen to music and coffee. That’s my life. I’m a coffee addict.

That’s why I love Melbourne. I love the city. There’s not many better places than Degraves st and Federation Square where the tennis is on.

I do my training and then I chill out. I read and listen to music. I hang out with my host family. I drink coffee.

Melbourne appears to agree with you. Have you got any tattoos done in Melbourne? When did you get your first tattoo?

I just love the city as much as anything else as well. I think Melbourne is one of those places where you could easily retire and live here.

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 or 20. I haven’t got any in Melbourne yet so I need to find a place because I get a tattoo done wherever I go.

I need to find a good tattooist in Melbourne so I’ll leave that up to you to find me one.

Being away from Wales for long stretches of time, how important is it to have family around and the connection with your teammates?

For me it’s the most important thing. The reason that I’m able to do what I do is that my family make the effort to visit, especially Gaz who is just such as nice human being.

Fishlock with Lisa De Vanna | TWG Fishlock with Lisa De Vanna | TWG

Obviously with the Natoli’s [host family] they’re so nice and welcoming.

I had an apartment in Melbourne that I was supposed to live in and I came and stayed with the Natoli’s for a few weeks.

Then I sat there one day and I thought to myself, do you know what, as much as I would like to have a place to myself, I would genuinely miss the Natoli’s because they’re just such nice people.

When you’re doing this it can be quite lonely so it’s always nice to have those relationships and connections that make you feel like you’re just at home. It makes staying here easy.

When you have your teammates, De Vanna, who is a gem, and Katie, you know everyone is in the same boat really.

Especially when you’re at that level and so you all kind of make time, it’s just like a little family as well.

Those relationships are the most important ones because they make your stay good and they make what you’re doing a happy place and then you play your best football when you’re in that place.

You can go all over the world but if you’re not happy then you’re not going to play well.