The brave dual Olympian campaign came to an end after she crashed in the semi-final. 

The 25-year-old tore her ACL in March last year before re-injuring it in December but despite the pain, Brockoff competed in the small final where she finished 11th.

In an emotional interview with Channel 7, Brockoff said she just wanted to come here and make it down the track.

"Lately I haven't been making it down the track," she said.

"My knee held up alright, I had a hard hit in the semis and it just really hurts but I made it done and I'm really happy with that," Brockoff said. 

Brockoff's goal was to finish in the top 12 of qualification so she could directly enter the quarters.

She finished in 10th and made it. 

While some may question why she decided to start the small final after her heavy fall in the semi, Brockoff had this to say.

"I like a challenge."

"My teammates call me stupid or crazy but I have a belief I can make it down a course and that's what I did," she said.