While she will not play on Saturday against the Brisbane Lions after the AFL Appeals Broad overturned her two-match ban for a sling tackle on Melbourne’s Harriet Cordner.

The Western Bulldogs challenged nature of the AFLW rules on the grounds of gender discrimination.

Her suspension would see the same act in the AFL only be a fine.

It's been reported that this rule was requested because AFLW players could not afford the financial sanctions given to AFL players. 

The minimum salary of an AFLW player in $8,500.

Brennan would have been fined $5000 in this case if she was an AFL player.

She will head to the AHRC to have her suspension overturned and for the rules to be changed.

“Katie has this morning filed proceedings with the Australian Human Rights Commission seeking to have her suspension overturned and for the AFL to amend the differences between the AFLW regulations and the AFL regulations to ensure that in future, other women players are not more likely to be suspended than men for identical conduct with identical disciplinary records,” the Western Bulldogs said in a statement.

“To be clear, Katie is not seeking to play tomorrow.

"She wants her suspension overturned in time in the interests of justice, and the rules changed to make sure what happened to her does not happen to anyone else.”