mrajcic_b5_breakingthehabitLosing constantly is never easy. But then again, majority of people will tell you that losing isn't everything. 

How quickly things can change and happen in football. You see it week in and week out all over the world.

I felt that the turning point on Saturday was in the first half at 1-0 down.  Holly [Patterson] showed, as usual, some individual brilliance to get around her player in the box for a neat cut back to Sarah [McLaughlin] (who on any given day would blast the ball into the back of the net).  Instead the ball ended up in the keeper's hands and 30 seconds later Victory made it 2-0.

What a difference 1-1 would have made.

The 5-0 loss might not exactly say much about the game and our performance, but the girls continued to fight until the very end. I cannot fault anyones efforts on saturday. We created a number of goalscoring opportunities.

But we need to start converting these chances. I take full responsibility, as scoring goals is part of my job; I had 3 great chances to do so, and didn't. The story would be different.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

I would also just like to mention that the whole team supports and has the utmost respect for our coach Dave Edmondson. No matter what situation, he always has our back and will continue to fight for us, because he believes in us and knows exactly how good we can be.

I honestly love the passion that you see and hear on the sideline on game day, and wouldn't want it any other way. I never realised that coaches or players on the bench are not allowed to appeal a decision? Is this a new rule that i have not heard about? I'm pretty sure I have seen coaches from all over the world shout appeals or instructions to their players, e.g. Sir Alex Ferguson; and not get asked to leave the ground.

Dave is the best coach I have had the privilege to play for. He has come here to Adelaide to help restructure Women's football in South Australia.

This cannot be fixed in a 12 month time frame.

Dave has come on board running the NTC program during the year and of course the W-league side. Of course this program only begun this year, with many of the squad members being quite young and inexperienced; but there is structure and a pathway for the future footballers of this state, starting from the juniors all the way through to the Lady Reds/ Matildas.

You may not see the effects of what is being done here in South Australia for a number of years as its a long term fix. Next time you're out at Burton make sure you check out the half time entertainment. Those young girls are amazing, and there are definitely future national team players present.

Losing the habit

I don't know how many times I got told this growing up at school or at football, or playing any sport for that matter.  But this changes when you're competing in a National League competition.

Results are everything and nothing else matters, "supposedly".

When you continue to lose, your mind can start playing certain tricks on you.

I know personally I am not only battling against the opposition each week, but i am battling myself daily. I have always been a positive person with a never say die attitude; the attitude that anything can happen and to never give up. Don't get me wrong it is still there inside me, but mentally it's taking its toll.

I just worked out that over the past 12 months I have only won 3 games out of 32. Am i the problem?

Possibly hahaha but I hope not…

In saying that, I truly believe in what we the Lady Reds are trying to do.  I have complete trust and faith in the squad that we can turn this season around; starting this weekend against the Wanderers.

"We need a sparkle, we need to believe, we shouldn't give up, we need to work and try without fear". These words ringing loud and clear coming from the best player currently playing in this country, Alessandro Del Piero.

Until next time...