From a young age, Bonnici has been giving back to the community but it all started when she volunteered as a 15-year-old at Broadmeadow Special School.

At the time, her sister who was working there allowed her to come down and help in their sports classes.

"It was eye-opening and it sort of made me realise the quality of life people can still have no matter what," Bonnici said.

"I think once I opened my eyes to see how much different things affect different people, it made me start to realise how different everyone is no matter how similar we are," she said.

This experience plus her sister already working in the field would lead her down the path of where she is today with the 21-year-old currently completing a Bachelor of Social Work at Victoria University. 

The 2017 AFLW NAB Rising Star nominee chose to study the course because of her passion to look at different peoples lives and the journeys they take.

"I've always had a passion for different people and their journeys, what different people have been through what brings them to where they are and how everyone's life so different, but similar the same time," Bonnici said.

"We go to school and we work but everyone so different and everyone has different paths that they take, some people don't have it as easy as others.

"Some people choose different paths than others and some people need guidance. I just wanted to be a part as many different journeys as I could," she said.

In a mission to continue helping the community, Bonnici also does work with Ladder, the official charity of the AFL Players Association and was founded by three AFL players.