Langhorne is a two-time WNBA all star, a former most improved player, a 189 power-forward and still, given her wealth of experience, a key player for her WNBA side, Seattle Storm.

β€œI’m a pretty efficient player, I’ve always been efficient throughout my whole career and I know Adelaide went to the Finals last season,” she said from Seattle.

β€œSo now I want to help take the team one better and to the championship.”

Langhorne said fellow WNBA player, teammate Sami Whitcombe, was the reason she ventured Down Under.

β€œSami was the one,” Langhorne said when asked what she knew about Australia and the WNBL.

β€œShe told me there was a team in Australia interested in me and it just went from there.”

β€œI’ve never gone anywhere (in the WNBA off-season) where it has been warm,” Langhorne said, having logged international experience in Slovakia, China and Hungary.

β€œI’m really looking forward to the weather and being part of the Lightning team.”