Bianca Webb’s debutant announcement

There were lots of debutants in season 2020, but this announcement tops the cake. After Bianca was told about her debut, she called her grandparents, and their reaction will surely bring a tear to your eye.


Daisy Pearce returns to AFLW

It was a weird feeling in 2019, not seeing Daisy Pearce dominate in the red and blue after she gave birth to her twins Sylvie and Roy. In 2020, she was back in a new role in half back, and in true Daisy fashion she didn’t skip a beat.


Each Expansion team’s first win

2020 saw 4 new teams enter the competition: St Kilda, Richmond, West Coast and Gold Coast. Unfortunately, Richmond wasn’t able to score a win in 2020 due to the season being cut short but for the other three teams, their first wins was something truly special. Gold Coast’s first win came in Round 2 against the Tigers, St Kilda’s came in Round 3 against the Demons and West Coast’s first win was in Round 4 against the Bulldogs.


Sharni Layton’s goal celebration in Round 4

Any Sharni Layton goal celebration this season was a good one, but the one after she kicked the goal in Round 4 against the Demons, was by far the best of the lot.


Lily Mithen wins the game for Melbourne

Before the semi-final against the Giants, Lily Mithen hadn’t kicked a goal in four seasons of AFLW, but by the end of the semi-final she would have kicked two, including the match winner. The Melbourne men’s team’s reaction to watching the goal from a hotel over in WA is priceless.


Sabrina Fredrick kicks the first goal ever for Richmond

Although Richmond didn’t record a win, this moment was definitely a highlight. After a hard game against the Blues, Richmond were able to get their first goal of the game, and their first goal in the competition. Sabrina Fredrick was able to slot the goal in the fourth quarter, and all the girls got around her, ecstatic.


Kate Surman’s half time interview

Kate Surman is certainty a character in front of the camera, and it was no different when she was interviewed by Channel 7 boundary commentator Georgie Parker during the Suns’ clash against the Eagles. She took the microphone out of Parker’s hands, and when asked about a head knock that occurred during the first half, she soothed concerned viewers by saying it was ‘just a cheeky little broken nose’.


The Rise of the G-Train

 St Kilda’s clash against the Demons in Round 4 was the birth of young superstar Caitlin Greiser. She kicked two goals for the game including the sealer, with a nice goal from just inside 50. By the end of the season she was the leading goal kicker for the competition in 2020 with 10 goals under her belt.


Gabby Newton runs out for her debut

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and this picture captures the moment perfectly. Number one draft pick Gabby Newton ran out in her first ever game at RSEA park against the Saints in Round 1. As the Doggies ran out you can see Newton smiles from ear to ear as she looks at someone in the crowd.


Collingwood get there first Round 1 win

Although they were a foundation club, Collingwood was yet to win a Round 1 match since their inception into the competition in 2017, but the curse was broken in 2020. The Magpies defeated the Eagles by 27 points in front of the Magpie army at their home ground in Victoria Park.