"Being six foot eight [2.03m] since I was 16 has not been easy at all," the new Elle coverstar told the magazine, in a new feature on Australia's top female athletes.

"Growing up and being bullied, it's not a sad story for me. It's defined me and what made me so strong."

Cambage has spoken many times publicly about the effect her height had on her growing up, but insists that it's made her stronger as a person and an athlete.

Cambage is not only an Opals and WNBA superstar, but has often become a fixture at many Melbourne events and around the city's diverse nightlife.

Cambage famously wrote an open letter to WNBA club Las Vegas Aces fans after missing a match due to mental health concerns, and now says it was a key move on her part.

"I've battled mental health problems – first, anxiety, and later the depression that anxiety can trigger, on and off for about half my life," Cambage continued.

"My mental health has negatively impacted my ability to do my job. When I disappeared for a game and a half, I couldn't just come back and act like nothing had happened. It was like therapy for me to be open about it."

"It's so easy to forget to stop and check in on yourself."