Like every mother, she works hard to fit everything in.

Finance plays a part too, as in women’s baseball, just about everything is self-funded.

Torpy played for the Emeralds in 2008 and along with the rest of the team, paid her own way to represent her country.

While things have changed a little since then, Australia's elite female baseball players still pay to play at almost every turn.

Photo by Sandra Borgomastro

Her husband, Peter has always been supportive of her baseball and other sporting endeavours.

He is of the mindset that if it’s something she wants to make happen “we will find a way”.

Rebecca considers him her “rock” whether it is encouraging her to go for her dreams on the sporting field, coaching her onfield, or helping her through the struggles of balancing work, family and baseball.

Mikayla always goes to her mum’s games, and even to state training.

Every ball is a baseball to her and for her second birthday, she received a tee and a bat.

She hits the ball and then drops the bat, runs up and down the hall, the whole time saying “run, run, run”.