McMillan is a silver medalist from Venezuela in 2010, she was named in the All World Team that year, and was part of the bronze medal-winning team from 2014.

Deciding to try for the 2018 World Cup team was a “no-brainer”.

From the start, she intended to give it a go, even with the short turnaround from the birth of Tanner to what would be the first post-baby selection milestone for her in the Bendigo Challenge.

McMillan did not play at the Australian Women’s Championship in 2018, which was controversial for some, the current coaching staff would not rule out the selection of players who couldn’t participate for valid reasons.

After Tanner was born, Kim went out and secured her own sponsorship to a local gymnasium.

Shoutout to Anytime Fitness (Glendenning, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill) for supporting McMillan.

She has been surrounded with support, and Tanner will be spending some quality time with his Nanna (Kim's mum) in Sydney, while her partner, Andrew will be playing in a tournament as well.

Being a baseballer himself, Andrew understands Kim’s love of the game and desire to play.

They have trained together in the backyard with Tanner sleeping in his capsule to the side.

Other days Andrew is looking after Tanner will Kim heads to the gym, or wrangling the sleepless night watching baseball with Tanner on TV.

Tanner has been dressed in baseball gear from the day he left the hospital and owns more MLB caps then Kim does.

Kim’s drive has got her back on the diamond as soon as she could following Tanner’s birth.

Her advice to others is that having a baby doesn’t mean your sporting life has to end.

“If you want it bad enough you will find a way.”