The French Open champion doesn't mind that she's lucked out on the easiest side of the draw, she apparently didn't even check who she was playing after the first round.

And that shock fourth round exit at Wimbledon? That was her best ever Queens Club result, says the pint-sized Aussie. As far as she's concerned, unpredictability is what makes sport so exciting.

“If we look through draws and everyone who is expected to win, then there would be no point playing here," Barty said.

"We’d already know who would win the tournament.

“And that’s the beauty of sport. Nothing is ever assured. You have to come out and bring your best every day and do the best that you can.

“I’ve seen my first round is with (world number 77) Zarina (Diyas) and that’s all I’ve literally looked at. I didn’t even bother looking at the rest of the draw.”

Whether they're real words or a carefully drilled media strategy from one of tennis' new found golden girls, Barty does seem awfully relaxed.

Maybe it's just her personality, after all, this is the same player who famously took a year off to play cricket before returning to win a Grand Slam. The pressures of tennis are a unique beast - just ask current world number one, Naomi Osaka.

So regardless of the accuracy behind how Barty portrays herself, one thing's certain.

The Australian tennis world will do whatever it takes to ensure she doesn't have to take a year off again.

"The seeding next to your name doesn’t really matter much at all,” she continued, after pressure seemed to better her in subsequent tournaments since winning the French Open.

“I didn’t feel like there was any extra pressure at Wimbledon. For me, it was a career-best tournament — fourth round is certainly nothing to be ashamed of and being able to make second week at another slam was really important.

“After Wimbledon, it was important for me to have two weeks where I didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch a racquet, just to really refresh and relax and knowing that I’d probably go into Toronto and Cincinnati a little bit underdone but knowing there was a view that we wanted to ready for this week here in New York.

“I feel super relaxed.”