Milivojevic had an instant impact from her starting midfield position in the Wanderers 2-1 win against Adelaide United at Marconi Stadium, showing a huge amount of confidence.

She exhibited a brilliant passing range and carried the ball effortlessly through a highly-regimented, tactically defensive Adelaide unit, culminating in an excellent rating from TWG.


Western Sydney Wanderers v Adelaide United Player Ratings

A 16-year-old with the opener and a 17-year-old with the winner. The kids were alright in Western Sydney Wanderers' season opening 2-1 win over Adelaide United at Marconi Stadium.

They're skills Milivojevic insists she learned from her time in the NPLW and at Football NSW. 

Her stubborn belief in her own ability though? That's all Milivojevic.

“It means so much because I’ve had a lot of setbacks, a lot of people telling me ‘you’re not big enough, you’re not strong enough’,” Milivojevic told the Wanderers' official website.

“I’m a player that likes to dribble the ball and I would always get told ‘You can’t play football if you just hog the ball’.

“All the sacrifices, all the hard work it’s gonna pay off. I’m really going to push for a first-team spot.”

Now poised to play a starring role alongside some of the best players in the world in Dean Heffernan's revitalised Wanderers lineup, Milivojevic is relishing every minute.

“It means a lot to me and my family. I’m very proud to represent the Wanderers because I’m from this area,” said Milivojevic.

“I’m really grateful for this opportunity. I’ve grown up here playing football and to represent the Wanderers is a big thing for me.”


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With just one W-League game completed it is too early to be making end of the season predictions. Even so, Western Sydney showed tonight they are going to be a top team this year.