mrajcic_b3_adeIt's been a little while since my last blog. I missed last weekends away game against Canberra due to my oldest brothers wedding.

I hate missing any game of football no matter what the reason, especially when you're not injured, but family is very important to me and always comes first.

Thank goodness for twitter and the team at TheWomensGame for all their live tweets. I kept checking my phone regularly in the limo after the wedding ceremony. When the girls took the lead after soaking up everything Canberra threw at us during the first half, I was pumped high fiving the rest of the bridal party, hoping the girls could hold them off until the final whistle.

Can't take anything away from Canberra for not giving up and taking the 3 points. From what I've been told, our girls and game plan worked a treat; but thats football.  Anything can happen, and for us we were on the other end of the stick.

Coming back to training after the loss, it was back to our usual way of playing; "move the ball, support the ball, keep the ball." We focused a little more this week on the front third and the runs needed from the 4 attacking players.

Brisbane are always a tough team to come up against, but the girls felt quietly confident that we could take something away from the game. Especially it being our home game, knowing no travel was required besides a 15 minute drive to Hindmarsh Stadium.

Game day was upon us, and not the result we were after.

The girls were very disappointed afterwards as you would expect. There are always positives to take out of the game, but we're all sick and tired of finding the positives, the positive from now on should only be 3 points. We played some of the best football we have all year, but only in patches; if we want to be a force to be reckoned with and win more than just the one game this season, we need play good football for 90 minutes.

Consistency is the key, we need to bring our A game week in and week out no matter where or who we are playing. The girls need to have the hunger and passion to get that other win, and it needs to be burning brighter than ever. At this point in time we've achieved the same thing we did last season, 1 win.

If we want to prove to people, and show people how far we've actually come, we need to get that other win and more. Four games gone and only 8 to go. With W-league being such a short season, we can't afford to give up any more points if we want to reach our goal of finishing top four this season.

I truly believe that we as a group can achieve anything, it's there for us to reach out and grab, but everyone within the squad needs to realise and start believing it; WE are great, WE deserve to be here and that WE can do anything we set our minds too.

Now we move our focus onto Newcastle this weekend. A MUST WIN GAME and I expect nothing less. Until next time…