Not only does Australia left their first Sydney Sevens title after missing out of the Final in 2017 but they went through the tournament undefeated and scoring 213 unanswered points. 

They are the first women's team to achieve such a feat. 

It was their first win over New Zealand since he 2016 Rio Olympics. 

They have also gone back-to-back in Sevens titles after winning the Dubai Sevens last month.

New Zealand put on the pressure on Australia and it was going to be a tough encounter from the kick-off.

Australia was rewarded for early possession and found the lead. 

New Zealand took a bit to dominate Australia as they kicked deep and forced errors for Australia but couldn't capitalise on their chances.

However, while both teams had handling errors, Australia was able to capitalise on a miss pass from New Zealand as Charlotte Caslick ran down the right edge to score.

After the break, Emilee Cherry continued her good run in the tournament to score Australia's first after the break.

Australia all but clinched their second Sevens title of the year as Emma Sykes crossed the line with 90 seconds left.

Australian co-captain Shannon Parry told their defensive effort showed growth since this time last year.

"It's testament to the hard work that we've been putting in in our defensive strategies and very proud of the girls to finish the tournament with a donut," she said.

"It's a different vibe this year than it was last year and I think you could see that in our performance.

"So very pleased that the girls have taken that experience from last year and learned from that and we've obviously built and come away with the win today."

Australia will be back on home soil for the Commonwealth Games in April.