With Elise Kellond-Knight, Lisa De Vanna and Emily van Egmond highlighted, Australia has received a positive report from the FIFA Technical Study Group following the 2015 World Cup.

Team Analysis: Attacking strength and Defensive improvements

Prior to the start of the tournament, Australia's attack was considered its key weapon and the mobility and pace in the front third did not go without notice.

The Matildas patience in building up the play from the defence and through the midfield, as well the strong link up between the lines and the use of attacking width through De Vanna and Sam Kerr were all emphasised

Australia was also noted for their tempo play and their "alternation between slow build-up play and direct play".

Defensively, a concern prior to the tournament, the Matildas were praised for their "Disciplined, well-organised defence" with their midfield pressing highlighted as a feature.

Stephanie Catley and Caitlin Foord also received indirect mention with Australia noted as one of the nations whose full backs were able to "take on extra responsibility by doing their defensive work but also pushing forward to provide their team-mates with options down the wings, getting involved in attacks or applying the touch".

Along with Germany, Japan, USA, Australia also received notice for building attacks by:

"…positioning their two full-backs further forward to open the game up and to create, whenever possible, a numerical advantage that would enable them to get into the final third to cross the ball."

In terms of the Asian Confederation, Australia were noted as the more direct of the nations but also considered one of the nations to be knocking on the Top 5.

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Matildas key players named

All Star player Kellond-Knight was recognised as Australia's best player of the tournament with the holding midfielder ball recovery, distribution and her crucial role as a link between the lines referenced.

Also selected in the All Star team, co-captain De Vanna received praise for her leadership and work ethic as well as her individual technique and dribbling ability and her able to change speed and direction with the ball also highlighted.

While not selected in the tournament XI, Van Egmond was also singled out as a key for the Matildas with the playmarker gaining notice for her passing ability, shooting range, effective defensive work and versatility as an attacking midfielder.

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