Two-time Olympian and 2017 World Champion Britt Cox was the only Australian to progress after the first qualification run, finishing sixth with a score of 76.78.

“It was so fun to get out there, I always say that comp day is my favourite day,” she told the Australian Olympic Team media.

“Competing at the Olympics and the first event of the Games is really exciting.

"The course was ripping this morning, so I had a lot of fun,” Cox said.

Australia’s three other female moguls skiers will need to place in the top ten of qualification two, which features 20 skiers that have not already progressed.

Olympic debutant Jakara Anthony finished in 14th place with a score of 69.49 and said there is room to improve.

“There are lots of girls that are great that are in front of me a lot of the time or sometimes they’re behind me, it switches up a bit so you don’t really know who’s going to ski well on the course or not,” she said.

Madii Himbury, another Olympic debutant, finished in 15th place after her first run which featured her signature backflip while Claudia Gueli finished with a score of 68.68 for 17th place.

Anthony, Himbury and Gueli will be back on the field on Sunday night for the second qualification round at 8:30pm where they hope to join Cox in Final 1 at 10pm.