It will be a Commonwealth Games gold medal re-match this afternoon after Australia defeated Fiji 31-7.

The match game after Australia was beaten by Spain in the Pool match, the first time they had lost to them since 2013 and were looking to redeem themselves. 

Fiji's ill discipline cost them after they gave away a penalty after a high tackle and then a deliberate knock on which reduced them to six players.

Australia took advantage to score two tries through Demi Hayes and Emma Tonegato to give them a 10-0 lead after both tries were unconverted.

However, Fiji was able to hit back as Viniana Riwai found space after an offload to run down the field and score but Australia wasn't worried as Emma Sykes raced through to score a late try in the first half.

Fiji came back from the back ready to pile on the pressure but Emilee Cherry makes a tackle saving try which led Australia to take advantage on of their possession to score two unanswered tries. 

Australia faces New Zealand at 3:20pm AEST.