The 22-year-old is one of only six female drivers across Australia’s top six racing categories but due to a lack of support, she might not be able to race in 2019. 

It hasn't been easy, her previous major sponsor Wilson Security, has been unable to help her this year due to a change in CEOs.

"Obviously, you can't help that, we just need to push on and really fight," she said.

Angelo has been working hard to find sponsorship to fulfil her dream of reaching the top level of V8Supercars in the country. So far her team has reached out to over 100s of corporate brands across Australia, from automotive to tech companies but with no success.

"I'm getting down and dirty, and working really hard to let people know that I've gone down the right career path," she said. 

"Yes I'm a female in the sport, but that's definitely not going to change the fact of why a sponsor should sponsor a female or why they shouldn't."

However, it's not the first time she's run into these problems. 

Angelo made the step up to Formula Ford racing from Go Karting at the age of 16 and would go on to break the lap record at Phillip Island, a highlight in her career so far. However, while the Victorian driver would make her V8Supercars debut in the Dunlop Development Series two years later, she ran into her first hurdle. 

"As we all know motorsport is very expensive to pursue so we started to struggle to find that sponsorship," Angelo said. 

"Luckily we had a few sponsors from the past few years that have been really supportive and helped me get to where I am today."

However, in 2017, she was forced to have a year off due to how expensive it was becoming.

To put into perspective how expensive it is, it can cost upwards of $250,000 for the car and insurance alone, and that's not including the cost crash repairs, transportation, team fees, fuel, tyres, maintenance of the car and other basic necessities while racing. Even a practice session can run in the tens of thousands.  

However, she had a breakthrough at the end of 2017, after being presented with the opportunity to compete in Porsche Gt3 Cup Challenge.

"I'd never driven a Porsche before, it was awesome so I feel very grateful for the opportunity I got," Angelo said.

In the end, she finished fifth (out of 32) in the Championship and managed a third outright at the Queensland Raceway. 

While the thought of not being able to race this season has played on Angelo's mind, she knows that she is doing everything possible to help her get back on the racetrack. 

"As long as we all know that we've done everything that we can, I know I've done everything on my behalf to try to raise that sponsorship and funding to be able to race," she said.

"At least I'm not going to be able to regret that 'I haven't tried this, I haven't tried that'.

"It is a fear because it is something I love so much, I've never wanted something so much in my life."


The next steps for Angelo to enter the new Touring Car Racing (TCR) Series Australia, the first addition to the touring car scene since the Super Tourers were axed in 2000.

"It's just about trying to develop new sponsorships, new relationships and new connections to sort of convince people that 'this is the way to go, that this is our vision and this is our dream, come on board because we haven't been given much of a chance'," she said.

"We've been given chances to do a season here, a season there but its never been continuous season over a certain amount of years and that's where I've struggled.

"I have my talent and I hope my talent within a season but unfortunately with the sponsorship that keeps on dropping out we can't get to the fact that we've done two or threes seasons, let's keep this momentum going because when we have that momentum we can push forward and I know I can push forward."