The W-League regular season is almost complete with Round 12 seeing two matches that will determine the Season 7 finalists.

Here is a team by team look at how Round 12 could impact on final standings.

Adelaide United

Season complete

Current Position: 7th (10 points)
Best Finish: 7th (10 points)
Worst Finish: 8th (10 points) – A Wanderers win would consign Adelaide to another wooden spoon
Finals equation: Out

Brisbane Roar

Round 12: Western Sydney Wanderers (away)

Current Position: 6th (11 points)
Best Finish: 6th (14 points) – A loss or draw won't change Roar's position but a 4 (or more) goal margin win could see them finish with a positive goal difference; a small positive
Worst Finish: 6th (11 points)
Finals equation:Out

Canberra United

Round 12: Perth Glory (home)

Current Position: 3rd (17 points)
Best Finish: 2nd (20 points) – If they defeat Perth by 8 or more goals and Sydney don't win by 10 or more goals against the Jets
Worst Finish: 5th (17 points) – A loss and Canberra
Finals equation:Canberra can still finish fourth if they:

  • draw with Perth and Newcastle win against Sydney
  • lose but Sydney win against Newcastle
  • lose by 3 goals or less and Sydney lose by a 1 goal margin

Melbourne Victory

Season complete

Current Position: 2nd (20 points)
Best Finish: 2nd (20 points) – Melbourne host their first ever home semi final if:

  • Canberra - lose, draw or a win by a margin of less than 8 goals
  • Sydney - lose, draw or win by a margin of less than 10 goals

Worst Finish: 4th (20 points) - If:

  • Canberra - win by a margin of 6 goals or more; AND
  • Sydney - win by a margin of 10 goals or more

Finals equation:Melbourne are in the box seat to host their first every semi final which would be on 13 December 2014 in Geelong

Newcastle Jets

Round 12: Sydney FC (away)

Current Position: 5th (16 points)
Best Finish: 3rd (19 points) – A win and Canberra United loss or draw
Worst Finish: 5th (16 points) – A loss would see the Jets just miss out of the finals
Finals equation:Jets could sneak into the finals if they draw with Sydney and Canberra lose to Perth

Perth Glory

Round 12: Canberra United (away)

Current Position: 1st (30 points)
Best Finish: 1st (33 points) – Glory would increase an already W-League record high season points total
Worst Finish: 1st (30 points)
Finals equation:The 2014 premiers secured a home final against the 4th placed team. It will be played on Sunday, 14 December 2014 at nib Stadium.

Sydney FC

Round 12: Newcastle Jets (home)

Current Position: 4th (17 points)
Best Finish: 2nd (20 points) – Sydney defeat the Jets by 10 or more goals and Canberra don't win 6 or more goals
Worst Finish: 5th (17 points) – A Jets win and Canberra win or draw would put Sydney out of the finals for the first time in their history
Finals equation:Sydney can still make the finals if they:

  • draw with the Jets and Canberra draw with Perth
  • lose by a 1 goal margin to Newcastle and Canberra lose by 4 (or more) goal margin to Perth

Western Sydney Wanderers

Round 12: Brisbane Roar (home)

Current Position: 8th (8 points)
Best Finish: 7th (11 points) – A win over the Roar will see the Wanderers leapfrog Adelaide United
Worst Finish: 8th (8 points) – A loss to the Roar will result in the Wanderers worst finish in the W-League
Finals equation:Out

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