Lais Araujo - 7.5

Her drop back into the backline - or at least a deeper role, as she still maintains a degree of freedom - paid dividends. Her final ball lacks, but her close control is formidable.

Isabel Hodgson - 7

Not the most involved of United's set-up tonight, but a decent run out nonetheless.

Georgia Campagnale - 7

She played a key role in those Adelaide breaks up the pitch, but lacked a little in the quality of her final delivery.

Dylan Holmes - 7

Took up dangerous positions on the edge of the box and could have had a goal, had she been a little luckier (and perhaps a little less inclined to rifle those efforts into Newcastle defenders). 

Mallory Weber - 9.5

It's between her and Brooks for our woman of the match, but we can't resist giving the chocolates to Weber. She's been sensational all season and tonight was one of her best. 

She takes the ball past defenders better than just about anyone else in the W-League: truly exceptional.

Chelsie Dawber - 7.5

Very capable performance, doing exactly what she needed to do and not a lot more to secure three points for United.


Ciara Fowler - 6.5

All substitutes were very late inclusions.

Emily Hodgson - N/A

Barely touched the ball.

Victoria Manseueto - N/A

Great to see her make her debut, albeit in sickening circumstances after that horrible head knock to Dawber.