American import Brooks was standout, solid at centre back and bringing physicality on the ball. This praise comes with the concession that her tumbling foul on Butt at the edge of the 18-yard saw Adelaide 1-0 down at 54’ after Simon netted the penalty.

The outcome seemed bleak as they struggled to produce a “little miracle” (as a friend described it.)

Affairs got increasingly heated between the sides, with Fanndis Fridriksdóttir, Heyman and Adriana Jones all seeing a yellow each.  

The equaliser came in the 97th minute of a generous period of additional time.  

Whilst Brooks – who had been moved up front – receives the assist for a smart ball into the centre of the box, Heyman’s deliberate step-over shows brilliant awareness and an instinct for her teammates’ decisions.

Behind her, Campagnale ran onto the ball and slotted it past three players into the bottom right corner.

City barely had time to kick off after the goal before the whistle was blown, emphasising just how close it was.