Okay, you could say this about any team. Adopt a well-drilled, consistent pressing game and happen to stage your games in humid, pouring rain and believe it or not, possession teams get a little flustered.

But nonetheless, we saw in the match against North Korea that a sudden degradation in weather and pitch conditions can make us fall apart entirely. If you want to get hyper-critical, you could say the same about teams that press as a unit as well. That's not something that happens to everyone.

It's the old pragmatism v philosophy debate. The Young Matildas aren't a typical possession team, they play with variation, they move forward quickly, purposefully and take certain risks, for instance, they're not big fans of the cut-back and reset manoeuvre.

Which is great if you've got the talent to drop the shoulder, as we do. But we also like to play side-to-side, work the opposition's movement and run triangular interplays in wide positions.

There possibly needs to be a greater emphasis on playing to the conditions, given we have a major physical advantage. There's nothing wrong with playing lofted through balls when you've got excellent technical ability and a height advantage in the final third, yet we very rarely mix it up.

This means when we do mix it up, such as when we're trailing the game with 10 minutes to go, we look out of our depth. Our crossing also really suffered tonight in the downpour.

As we've said at length, our passing isn't consistent enough to risk slow switching passes against a high-pressing outfit. Meanwhile, we've got three-quarters of our team in the attacking third and the ball is sticking to surface like blu-tac, just don't risk it!

When you're struggling to find your feet in horrendous weather, get Kyra Cooney Cross on the ball, hoof it up to Mary Fowler and let the opposition scramble (read: shit themselves) every once in a while.

Just maybe do our hearts a favour and don't leave it until the last minute next time.