Get angry, get physical, get hectic...whatever you gotta do, you just can't lose sight of that natural advantage Aussie footballers have over our Asian rivals.

We saw against the Bangladeshis with the Junior Matildas, that even the minnows in this confederation possess a level of pace and precision that we find it very difficult to counteract otherwise.

As we lost focus after taking the lead against the Koreans, so did we after Courtney Nevin's cracking free kick to make it 3-0. Thailand then slowly worked their way back into the match through delightfully weighted through balls.

The issue then becomes our unnaturally high-line, which we rightly stick to in order to maintain our positional dominance, but quickly becomes a gaping chasm for talented midfielders to send bullet-fast wingers through.

Here's where physicality once again becomes so important. We relent from tough aerial challenges, cheeky shoves and slide tackles when they really matter: when the opposition is growing in confidence and beginning to form momentum.

That's when we need to slam the door metaphorically in their face. This squad are possibly just a little bit too nice for their own good yet, but give 'em time. Female sport is no place for the feint harted.