Battle of the midfield

Today’s game was won in the midfield.

Although both sides have high calibre players all over the park, Brisbane Roar were stronger and more consistent in the middle of the park today.

It was a brilliant match-up, with Ella Mastantonio and Denise O’Sullivan in the Red and Black going up against experienced Elise Kellond-Knight and Katrina Gorry for Brisbane.  

It was an arm wrestle that could have gone either way for most of the first half.

As the game went on, the Roar won more tackles in the midfield and had better build up play to create more successful attacking opportunities.

Although the Wanderers were putting their bodies on the line in defence and certainly working hard, Brisbane were able to put their mark on the game with a 50th minute goal, and after that the flood gates opened for their ultimate 4-0 triumph.