It’s getting tight at the top

After 90 minutes of play, the score line was 0-0 at Leichhardt Oval.

Both teams had periods of dominance. Brisbane enjoyed most of the attacking opportunities at the beginning of the first half, with Sydney FC seeing the majority of possession as the game went on.  

These two sides cancelled each other out – one team would have a chance on goal, only for the other to reply with an equally as dangerous opportunity.

The game was reflective of where these two teams are on the table – Sydney in second  spot, and Brisbane not far behind them in fourth.

With these two top sides both in form, the game was an absolute arm wrestle.

By the end of the match, possession and shooting statistics were relatively even, with Sydney just coming out on top.

Both teams are serious contenders for the finals series, with tonight’s hard-fought game a likely preview of what is yet to come…