What’s happening to Sydney FC?

After losing to the Wanderers 5-0 last week, you might expect Sydney FC to come out firing and ready to show the competition what they’re made of.

But the Sky Blues didn’t run out onto the field with that fire in their belly.

The movement up front wasn’t the same quality that we’ve come to expect from Sydney FC, and they didn’t have many attacking opportunities.

Sydney FC’s attackers spent too much time offside and weren’t able to make well-timed attacking runs to lead to chances in the final third. 

Coach Ante Juric also criticised his players at half time for losing the ball too easy across the park. 

Although they came away with the three points today, they were lucky to get a result from this game. Their first goal came off an Adelaide player’s shoulder who was attempting to defend a cross, and their second was an individual moment of brilliance late in the game from Princess Ibini.

While today’s game ended in a 2-0 win for Sydney their performance told a different story. Could it be possible that the Sky Blues are experiencing a mid-season slump?