Adelaide are coming close

Adelaide might not have won any games so far this season, but they’ve got to be close to getting some points on the board after how they’ve been performing recently.

Based solely on performance, this side doesn’t deserve to be at the bottom of the ladder.

In tonight’s game against Sydney, the Reds not only held their own against a third placed side, but they had opportunities to go in front on more than a few occasions.

And this is in a game where Mary Fowler – one of Adelaide’s highest goal scorers this season so far – was not involved at all due to an ankle injury.

Instead Mallory Weber led her side's attack, which was arguably more dynamic than Sydney’s in today’s game.

Weber created chances from the midfield and connected well with the front third players. If anyone was going to score for Adelaide, it would’ve been Weber.

Adelaide also led a high press - the pressure seemed to take Sydney by surprise, and they weren’t able to have their usual goal scoring opportunities and build up play from the back.

Adelaide have lost every game this season by the smallest of margins. And this week was a similar story.

Adelaide have been extremely unlucky to not have any points on the board this season. It was almost heart-breaking to watch them work so hard and then fall away again at the final hurdle.

Maybe they’ll get their first points next week when they take on Perth Glory.

Gotta feel for Adelaide in this game, especially after the waved away penalty in the first half. They deserve at least a point for their efforts.#SYDvADL

— Dale Stevens (@Sui1977) December 29, 2019 ">