Once again Adelaide find themselves on the losing end of a game. 

They start this year 0-2, the first time since the 2014-2015 W-League season. And if that is an indication of how this year will go, Adelaide finished that season second from the bottom with a record of 3-1-8.

Even with the two losses Adelaide looks like a team that earn more than three wins this year.

When you watch Adelaide it is not that they are playing poorly, in fact they are playing quite well. They have hung with their opponents in both matches and if they would have a record of 2-0 instead, no one would be surprised.

If anything Adelaide is simply missing that one extra. That extra pass that finds the wide open player, the extra touch to create more space or the extra chance to find the equaliser. 

They are so close to having a complete game, but they just cannot finish.

They also have struggled to finish in front of goal. Combined Adelaide has 34 shots on goal but they have only converted one of them.

Adelaide does look like they could be a top team, but until they figure out that missing piece. And until then Adelaide walks away from another game wishing they could do more.