A week ago Sydney FC put on a clinic scoring three goals against Melbourne Victory. Sydney looked poise to be champions once again. 

But today’s game looked like a different Sydney team.

They were not in control of the match and their offensive attack looked less threatening. Sydney only had four shots on target compared to seven a week ago.

And a lot of credit to Sydney’s lesser performance has to be awarded to the play of Adelaide.

Sydney was exposed multiple times giving Adelaide a multitude of offensive opportunities. Adelaide did not score a goal giving Sydney the shutout but it was more of Adelaide not converting the chances rather than Sydney having stellar defence.

It felt like a game where Adelaide beat themselves. Adelaide deserved at least a tie from this game for everything besides their shots on goal.

A team with better finishing would have beaten Sydney tonight. Other W-League teams need to watch the film from this game and learn to capitalize where Adelaide could not.

Quite simply Adelaide needed to be better tonight. They could and should have won, but Sydney showed the only place you need to win is on the scoresheet.