They are too young. They donโ€™t have any big name players to compete. The Jets are going to finish in last place.

Newcastle took all of these comments and waited until they stepped on the pitch to show their critics what they can do.ย 

And they went toe-to-toe with the most star studded roster in the W-League and did not look the least bit intimidated.

The Jets went down 1-0 a little over 20 minutes into the game. But that did not hinder their spirit or make CIty look untouchable.

Instead Newcastle kept attacking and kept playing their game. They would find their equalizer in the 67th minute of play.ย 

It was not some gimme from Melbourne City either. The Jets had a nice counter attack that led to a dazzle goal of their own that got past Lydia Williams, who also happens to be the Matildas starting goalkeeper.

Newcastle looked poised the entire game and were close to scoring the go ahead goal.

This tie with Melbourne CIty marks the first time that Newcastle has ever earned a single point against the club.

This year could be home to a lot of firsts for the club.