For a good portion of this match Canberra was busy trying to get the ball out of their defensive half.

City was sending attack after attack their way. Even with the constant bombardment Canberra remained composed, creating chances here and there.

It would have been easy for Canberra to panic or even feel frustrated, but they weathered the storm waiting for their chance to attack. 

Canberra was able to get on the scoresheet first in the 59th minute and they scored their goal just like they played the whole game, with patience.

Camila rocketed a shot that just hit the post, normally a heartbreaking sound for the attacking team. Luckily, the ball rebounded right to Katie Stengel who collected the ball and made sure to bury it into the net.

No matter how lopsided the game looked at times, Canberra stuck to their game plan. They were able to hold City to one goal in the run of play despite their 20 shots. 

Goalkeeper Sham Khanis had a spectacular game for Canberra which was a key reason they stayed in the match. She made plenty of stops that otherwise would have blown this game wide open.