Melbourne City dominated the match leading in every statistical category. They looked in control of the game and the sure winner of three points.

Yet, during the majority of the game City was either down or tied up with Canberra United. 

The clock was ticking away and it looked like City would earn their second tie in so many games which funny enough would tie their club record for most ties in a season. 

City has as much talent as every other club in the league, if not more than most. This is a team that should be winning games handily. 

They had to rely on a 90+4 minute penalty from Emily van Egmond to ensure they would walk away victorious. And even the penalty was almost stopped by Sham Khamis who got a hand to the ball but could not knock it away from the goal.

Melbourne City deserved the win, but at the same time by not converting the majority of their chances in the run of play it seems like they don’t deserve the win.

Regardless of if they deserved or didn’t deserve the win they got one today. But if they want to get on a win streak they are going to have to be better in front of goal and converting more of their shots.

The W-League is too good of a league now for a team to just rely on talent alone.