It would be difficult to argue that the WCE stood a chance against the Giants today when, from the outset, the home team delivered the message that four years of experience is a considerable advantage in such a new league.

The Giantsā€™ key players were the pillars that guided the rest of the team in a smooth exhibition of cohesion and experience. Alyce Parker simulated her efforts in Round 1 by racking up another 22 disposals in a seemingly effortless masterclass.

Rebecca Privitelli also proved herself as an invaluable asset to GWS, scoring three of their six goals. Likewise, Rebecca Beeson and Cora Staunton made their presence known through numerous meaningful touches that set the tone of the game.


The Giantsā€™ defensive line were in fine form today against the best efforts of the team from the West.

The Eagles were kept scoreless for the entirety of the first three quarters, due largely in part to the players that acted as the last line of defence. WCE did manage to break through the midfield on a number of occasions, but was limited to two marks inside 50 in the whole game.

Not until the final term were the Eagles able to break through their ranks to affect the scoreboard, by which time it was too little too late.


The West Coast Eaglesā€™ struggle with inconsistency seems to have turned on its head since their first game of the season when they came onto the pitch in a fury only to fizzle out after the first quarter.

Today, it was the final term that saw a sudden upsurge in momentum and energy, which resulted in a smattering of late points. This resilience is proving to be a necessary attribute for the new team as they struggle to prove themselves in the AFLW.

Luke Dwyer says that the teamā€™s fighting spirit is ā€˜encouraging, but not surprisingā€™, as he knows that they are continuing to work and improve every week.

This durability is evident in no-one more than star Dana Hooker, who celebrated her milestone of 25 AFLW games by bringing persistent courage to her brand of footy. This was dampened however, in the final five minutes of the game, by an accidental kick to the throat that saw her escorted off the field. It has been reported that this isnā€™t expected to have caused lasting injury.