Last season the Cats let the Crows walk all over them in the preliminary final, going down by over 60 points and kicking only one goal. 
Today the Cats were ferocious and fought valiantly from the opening bounce. They threw themselves into every tackle and every contest, harassing and hounding the visitors all afternoon. 
The Crows had 40 inside 50s to 18. Last year that would have resulted in a thrashing, but not today, as the Cats refused to give in. 
Richelle Cranston symbolised the fight on display by her team. Despite hurting her shoulder in the second quarter, she refused to go off and kept on fighting till the final siren. 
She took brave marks, laid plenty of tackles, and contested every ball that came her way. She kicked a brilliant roving goal in the final term to keep her team in it.
Melissa Hickey and Meg McDonald fought hard down back all afternoon as they put their bodies between the ball and the Crow's forwards. Nina Morrison did her best to bring the Cats out of defence, always willing to go for the hardball. 
The Cats' first and third quarters were especially impressive, showing improved composure and better decision making. 
Paul Hood will be thrilled with the way his team kept at it.