1. This was Collingwood's most assured performance all season

Besides an injury concern to Jordan Membrey and tracts of the third quarter largely played on Melbourne's terms when they kicked their first goal, Collingwood should be happy with the way they performed and the result putting them top of the table as the last undefeated side standing.

Just under 3,000 fans witnessed a casual 35-point domination of the 3-2 Demons; thanks in the main to a bag from leading goalkicker Chloe Molloy. The icing on the cake was a running goal from Brianna Davey that triggered the traditional "Colllling-wood" chant in the final quarter from the Sherrin Stand.

Between this and last week's strangulation of North Melbourne-Tasmania, there has been an air of irrepressibility about the women in black and white of late. The exact type of play that puts teams ahead of the pack when all is said and done in the home and away season.

2. Melbourne look flat

It's hard to say if the Demons are just having an off fortnight or if they are cooked for 2021.

The return of three goals 20 behinds in the past two matches after their epic win over the Kangaroos is worrisome from a side that has generally found regular goals easy to come by.

Of even more concern was the general malaise overhanging the side - spread from early contests was sloppy, finishing woeful and besides the efforts of Karen Paxman and Tyla Hanks, it would be a struggle to find space for any players in the top 10 on ground performances. It wasn't as if Collingwood played the game of their lives either; for most of the match the victors barely had to shift out of second gear.

For now Melbourne sits in the finals calculations, but they aren't the lock they were not so long ago.

3. Britt Bonnici is largely unsung for her output

The pint-sized rover popped up everywhere against the Dees, winning and distributing the ball at will despite a fairly robust welcoming brigade from bigger-bodied mids on the other side.

Stephen Symons was fulsome in his praise for the enduring class of Bonnici, who has been among the better accumulators for the Magpies, especially so since the latter stages of 2020.

"Britt’s had a super season and her back end of last season was really good so it’s been great for her to back up what she finished last year.

"She got a bit of attention early on, it wasn’t the whole game, which was to be expected. She worked her way through that."

With plenty of praise sure to be sent in the directions of Davey and Molloy again, Bonnici's consistent toiling at the coalface coupled with her dynamic ability to help convert defence into attack is worthy of notice; more than just another cog in the Magpie machine.