Staab’s throw-ins pay off

It’s incredible. It’s extraordinary. It’s Sam Staab’s throw-ins.

We don’t know how she does it, but Staab manages to throw the ball well into the box all the way from the sideline.

It’s the Wanderers not-so-secret weapon, and it paid off for them in tonight’s game.

The long throw resulted in the Wanderer’s second goal against Canberra. Staab’s throw ricocheted off Canberra’s defence and landed at the feet of Denise O’Sullivan, who blasted the ball into the bottom left corner.

The long throw is almost more dangerous than a corner. Although there is less pace on the ball from a throw, it’s still very difficult to defend. The lofty throw-in is hard for defenders to judge in the air, and it’s a great skill to have in your arsenal.

We’re sure to see plenty more of Staab’s long throws during the remainder of the season.

Sam Staab’s long throws are a thing of beauty 😍😍😍#CBRvWSW #WLeague

— Eric Subijano (@eric_subijano) December 26, 2019 ">