All of last season Canberra scored 13 goals and got shutout five games.ย 

Then today it took them 11 minutes to net their first two goals of the season. At this rate they could almost double their goal total from a season ago.

Along with their goals Canberra had 15 total shots with six of them on frame. They looked dangerous often in the game.

Quite honestly Canberra led in just about every offensive category for the match.

Only Charley scored for Canberra, but there were plenty of other players on the cusp of extending the teamโ€™s lead.

Camila was dangerous taking shots all over the pitch and Stengel had moments of offensive spark, but could not quite connect for a goal of her own.

Overall the game was all Canberra and their new offensive options showed they can be just the thing Canberra needs to finish higher up on the league ladder this season.