The team brought in a slew of new players for this season to try and get Canberra back on top of the W-League.

They took full advantage of their international roster spots getting the likes of Brazilian star Camila along with Americans Katie Stengel and Simone Charley.

The trio did not disappoint in their debut for the club.

The first goal for Canberra featured Stengel just outside the 18 yard box in the middle of the pitch dishing the ball out wide to Camila. Then Camila crossed in a beautiful ball to Charley who knocked it into the net for a goal.

It looked like they had been playing together for years with the way they were able to work together not just for that goal, but for the entirety of the match. 

The three of them seem to have their roles identified and know where each other is on the pitch at all times. 

Look for them to continue to lead Canberra on the offense and have plenty more well synced plays.