Crowds are growing 

It was a great crowd for Brisbane’s home game against City tonight.

Although Dolphin Stadium isn’t the biggest venue (it holds a maximum of 10,000 people) the atmosphere inside the ground seemed electric.

There were almost 3000 fans inside the stadium, but the loud and passionate chanting made the thousands seem like tens of thousands - you could hear Brisbane’s fans singing for their side almost not stop throughout the match.

Chants of “BRFC” and songs about Clare Polkinghorne and Hayley Raso could be heard through the television broadcast, and the chants continued into the final moments of the game even as Brisbane lost 2-0 to the top of the table stars.

Women’s football and its fans are certainly growing, and it was amazing to see such a large and vibrant crowd supporting their female team on a Thursday night.

Crowd | 2,693 here at Dolphin Stadium.

#WLeague #BRIvMCY

— Brisbane Football Review (@BNEFootball) January 2, 2020 ">