The best season yet? | TWG The best season yet? | TWG

When it was announced that the Western Sydney Wanderers would join the W-League, the was a very real fear that there was not enough depth for an eight team and their inclusion could precipitate a drop in the standard of football.  

Instead the exact opposition has happened.  Heading into the final two rounds of the W-league, six teams are still in contention to make the Top Four.

Almost every area of the W-League has improved; the goals (5.5 per game), the spectacular free kicks, the skills, the quality of internationals and the excitement of the games.  There have never been more tight finishes than there has been this season.

What are the reasons for this?

Well you can speculate that it is a couple of new coaches (Belinda Wilson, Brisbane Roar and Mike Mulvey) with innovative ideas, the class of international talents like Jessica Fishlock, Petra Larsson, Louise Fors and Carly Telford, just to name a few, the fact that more players have spent time abroad in competitive league or it might just be that more players, hungry players, have finally had the chance to prove themselves on the national stage.

Whatever the reason, it has made for compulsive viewing and its not over yet. So strap yourselves in for the final four weeks of a stunning W-League season.