Tom Sermanni's departure rocked Australian women's football | TWG Tom Sermanni's departure rocked Australian women's football | TWG

On a Tuesday night in Australia we received a piece of correspondence that would change our world.  Too dramatic?

Okay maybe a little bit but as the Twittersphere caught the news many Australian fans had the same reaction we did; shock, disbelief and maybe one or two tears (or three or four).  Basically we went through all the stages of grief in a six hour period.

Tom Sermanni leaving to accept the head coach position of the US Women’s National Team was momentous.  Sermanni had led the team for the last eight years and all the success of the Matildas had been under his reign.

For many we don’t remember any other coach but Sermanni.  However, no one can begrudge him this opportunity.  It’s the biggest job in women’s football and we wish Tom all the best (except for when he plays Australia in Australia of course!).  He has set up the women’s game nicely and now the next era begins.

Enter former Dutch player and internationally accredited coach Hesterine de Reus.  Appointed less than two weeks ago, the 51 year old has been charged with leading the women’s program to the next level.

The team is at a crossroads and while next couple of years are going to be crucial as to whether the Matildas step up to become a Top 5 team (which they can) or stagnate and come back to the pack.

Welcome Hesterine.  We look forward to the next chapter in the engrossing story of the Matildas.