The footballers of Team GB finally receieved plaudits | (Credit: Getty Images) The footballers of Team GB finally receieved plaudits | (Credit: Getty Images)

The profile of women's football keeps growing.

Record crowds, front page media coverage, declarations by fans and spectators about having seen some of the best football in memory and the ever increasing depth in women's football evidenced by a close, keenly contested Olympic finals series.

It's the end of another Olympic Games and with it comes the inevitable scrutiny of overall performance and questions as to sufficient return on investment dollars.

However, scrutiny and funding cuts don't seem to apply here given there is relatively little investment in women's sport in general, let alone in women's football.

Despite, or because of, the lack of interest from sponsors, media, governing bodies and governments, successful models for survival and growth have been developed.

Now, with social media, the public have a forum for expression and are no longer subject to the programming choices or editorial views of a select few. So let the games continue I say.

The USA are number one in the world again but I doubt it will be for long with Japan, Canada, France and Brazil, to name a few, banging on the door.

The Australians, in my opinion, are not too far off the pace.  So lets get right behind them when they take on the Olympic champions on September 17.

We have the momentum; the support of some media in the ABC and SBS, innovative self-sufficient organisations such as Canberra United, numerous social media groups and various government programs.  It is platform to build on.

The future is bright.