The crucial quarter final clash at Rio 2016 went to penalties with nothing to split the two giants of women's football and in a nail biting shootout, Brazil won 7-6.

All the pressure was on Kennedy when she stepped up to the spot - but Brazilian keeper Barbara looked to have moved before the ball was struck and managed to save her shot.

It was a heartbreak finish for an Australian squad which looked set to go all the way in the tournament for the first time ever.

Now though the focus is on the Women's World Cup in France in June – and once again the Matildas are one of the favourites for the title.

And Kennedy says she's ready to step up and take another penalty if it's needed.

In a new video for Optus Sport – who will be streaming the tournament live to subscribers – she relived the miss...and stressed her focus on the future.

"I think for us, our Olympic experience was really different to most and personally felt like another World Cup," she reveals in the video above.

"It felt like it was football and only football. I think we had a few games where we played well but didn't get the result.

"And then obviously, the heartbreaking game against Brazil, which was a great match, but again, I thought we could have done enough in the game to win.

"I just felt that our tournament was cut short."

She added: "After the penalty was taken, there was a lot of talk about the keeper being off her line, and it should have been retaken or whatever.

"But that for me is all just white noise.

"And regardless of whether she was off by line or not, she was always going to save that."

But Kennedy, 24, vowed: "If there is a next time in France, I'll definitely be ready to take one.

"Our aim is to play really good football, the football that we know that we can play and obviously if we can execute that, to the best of our ability, we think that we're a good chance of being there at the end...of being in the final."

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