A Game of Two Halves will have Melbourne City skipper Scott Jamieson leading his Jamo Tarts against Matildas legend Melissa Barbieri's Bubsy Babes every week of the new season.

With special guests drawn from fellow pros, journos, coaches, administrators and fans, it promises to combine the back and forth banter of the changing rooms with the biting wit of the internet.

Created and produced by FTBL editor Kevin Airs and written by some of the sharpest wits on Twitter, the show at www.ago2h.com aims to bring a whole new way of looking at the A-League and W-League - and beyond.

Along with snarky wraps of the week's events in the sport, it also features rounds including Who Are Ya? Four Four Farken Two, We Don't Know What You're Doing and On Me Head-lines

And brace yourself for Back Paddock Legends where we recreate an iconic moment in A-League history.

In the opening pilot episode ahead of the proper series launch next month, Jamo is joined by Sydney FC's Ellie Brush while Bubs welcomes Jamo nemesis, Travis Dodd, to her team.

You don't want to miss this - watch it now above...but if you enjoy it and want to see more, you can buy the team a coffee by going to www.ago2h.com and clicking the blue "Support" button.

Airs added: "We want to put the fun back into football.

"It's all got too serious recently - and it's time we heard more from players than when they get a microphone shoved under their nose walking off the pitch at half time.

"We reckon we've got something special here - and we really hope fans get on board, enjoy the show and support us going forward."