Nominees were required to attain a prescribed majority of 60% in the first round to be appointed to the FFA Board. 

Fitzroy blitzed the voting with 99 and Wilshere achieved 63 votes. 

Runners-Up Shane Healy managed 36 votes while John Marinopoulos recorded no votes. 

The new members are welcomed to the board following the departure of Kelly Bayer-Rosmarin and Cirpin Murray in October. 

The result keeps the FFA in line with their 40/40/20 equality rule for their Board of Directors.

The FFA have the choice to appoint one more advisory member to the board to take its total to    nine. 


FFA Board elections: Who's up for a spot?

Today, two new members will be elected to the board of the FFA, but who exactly is in line to hold a position to shape the future of the game in Australia?